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There are over 200,000 miles of petroleum pipelines in the United States. According to National Transportation Safety Board Statistics, pipelines are the safest method of transporting petroleum products.

Pipelines transport two-thirds of all the crude oil and refined products in the United States. Pipelines are made of steel, covered with a protective coating, and buried underground. They are tested and maintained through the use of cleaning devices, diagnostic tools, and cathodic protection. Since Americans consume over 700 million gallons of petroleum per day, pipelines are an essential component of our nation's infrastructure.

Residents of New York

Herbicide Notice: Pipeline Right of Way Vegetation Maintenance Pipeline Right of Way Vegetation Maintenance - AB802CA – Herbicide Application Onondaga, Madison and Oneida Counties New York, Scheduled October 2018-November 2018

The following products may be applied during the right of way herbicide project occurring along our line between Syracuse NY and Verona NY.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the herbicide application, please contact Al Oswald – Inspector 570-702-2252. If you have any questions about the pipeline or right of way, not related to the herbicide work, please contact Kate Briggs 610-904-4613.

-              Arsenal Powerline EPA No. 241-346
-              ARBORCHEM BASAL OIL
-              Garlon 4 Ultra EPA No. 62719-527
-              Method 240  EPA No. 432-1565
-              Milestone EPA No. 62719-519
-              Polaris Herbicide EPA No. 228-534
-              Rodeo EPA No. 62719-324