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Our Policy

Our policy is to provide an environment in which all employees;

  • Are treated fairly and provided with equal opportunity;
  • Are considered for advancement on the basis of performance, experience and service;
  • Can discuss work-related concerns in an open and constructive manner;
  • Work in the safest environment possible;
  • Receive respect and dignity.

We encourage employee development and advancement through a comprehensive set of programs including job posting and bidding, training and development, educational assistance, and career counseling. Promotion from within is preferred.

Usually, a progressive approach is followed on matters of discipline. This approach is intended to ensure that an employee is aware of deficiencies so that he or she can deal with them in a constructive and positive way. Situations involving serious violations of Company policies may result in more immediate disciplinary action, up to and possibly including termination even on a first offense.

Buckeye is committed to treating all employees fairly and to preserving their respect and dignity. Our policies and programs are designed to assure an opportunity for each employee to realize his or her full potential and to allow the Company to achieve maximum utilization of available human resources.