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Pipeline Transportation Operations 

Buckeye Partners owns and operates approximately 6,000 miles of underground pipelines serving approximately 110 delivery locations. These pipelines transport liquid petroleum products including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil and kerosene from major supply sources to terminals and airports located within end-use markets. These pipelines also transport other refined petroleum products, such as propane and butane, refinery feedstock and blending components, as well as crude oil. Our pipelines generally operate as a common carrier, providing transportation services at posted tariffs and without long-term contracts.  Demand for the services provided by our pipelines are derived from end-users in the regions we serve.

Terminal Operations

Buckeye has 115 active terminals that provide bulk storage and throughput services with respect to liquid petroleum products and renewable fuels, including ethanol, and have an aggregate storage capacity of over 55 million barrels.  In addition, three of our terminals provide crude oil services, including train loading/unloading, storage and throughput.  Of our terminals, over half are connected to our pipelines.  The terminals receive products from pipelines and, in certain cases, barges, ships or railroads, and distribute them to third parties, who in turn deliver them to end-users and retail outlets. Terminals derive most of their revenues from fees paid by customers, including throughput, blending, injection and storage fees.  Click here for import/export information.

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Terminals and Storage Capacity by Location*

State Number of Terminals Capacity (Mbbls)
Alabama 2 605
California 3 530
Connecticut 2 1,212
Florida 4 1,951
Illinois 8 2,977
Iowa 5 1,302
Indiana 11 9,439
Kentucky 1 214
Louisiana 1 304
Maine 1 140
Maryland 1 3,232
Massachusetts 2 433
Michigan 14 5,467
Missouri 3 1,767
Nevada 1 50
New Jersey 3 4,903
New York 16 8,450
North Carolina 1 572
Ohio 13 3,861
Pennsylvania 10 3,027
South Carolina 4 2,191
Tennessee 1 328
Virginia 4 1,805
Wisconsin 4 1,228
Total 117 55,988

*Capacity count in the Domestic Pipelines & Terminals segment as of December 31, 2016.  This table includes three terminals in Pennsylvania with aggregate storage capacity of approximately 1 million barrels, which are owned by the Merchant Services business and operated by the Domestic Pipelines & Terminals segment.   

Operations and Maintenance and Project Management Services

We provide turn-key operations and maintenance, asset development and construction services for third-party pipeline and energy assets across the United States.  We also operate and/or maintain third-party pipelines under agreements with major oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical companies, which are located primarily in Texas and Louisiana, and perform pipeline construction management services, typically for cost plus a fixed fee, for these same customers as well as other energy companies in the United States.

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